Sheffield is our home and home to many boxing stars, Prince Naseem, Johnny Nelson, Kell Brook and also home of the Olympic GB Boxing gym where Anthony Joshua
still trains for his fight camps.


Both Director and lead Actor Paddy Considine was fantastic and we were very excited to work with him and the costume department on this movie to bring authenticity and a real life brand in boxing to set. Paddy wanted to work with us the way in which we work with any professional fighter, coming into Fight Label HQ for the design and measurement process, choosing fabrics and making sure it was as it would be in

a real fight situation.

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Paddy’s character Matty Burton had his Daughter’s name on the waistband, which

is something many of our fighters do, having friends, family and loved ones feature on their outifts. Paddy chose a black and red leather for the colour scheme to give the costume a classic, simple style. Nothing too flash or over the top, he was all about the boxing and playing a part that showed heart and grit.

We also produced the outfits for his fight opponent Andre”The Future” Bryte, for which we used contrasting materials, colours and gave the look a different feel for a more flash, fancy and exciting appeal.

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Supplying not only for the main fight scenes, we kitted out Paddy’s character in all training apparel and coaching team with t-shirts and tracksuits. We kept all branding authentic and consistent with how sponsor logos would be in a real fight.

Paddy’s character Matty and his wife, played by Jodie Whittaker (currently taking on the role of Doctor Who) went through a turbulent ordeal with boxing, a much less glamorous and dark side portrayed in the film. It has true grit and it was excellent to see so many
Sheffield faces, faces from the boxing industry and places we know so well on the screen.

It really brought a believable essence to the movie and how well considered each aspect was.


Stills taken from the movie during fight scenes; the choreography and training that Paddy undertook for this role was intense, he really submerged himself into the life of a boxer and trained alongside Kell Brook, Barry Awad and Atif Shafiq at the famous Ingle Gym in Sheffield.

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Journeyman was released in UK cinemas 30 March 2018