Creed 2

Following our work on some of the first Creed movie shorts, we are very excited to announce our role in the release of sequel Creed 2.


Getting the email sent sparks flying around the office and we got to work on sample packs to ship to Philadelphia. Looking to make a statement with this movie they wanted to create a leather short for Creed, emphasis on quality as Adonis progresses in his boxing career.

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Using a luxury blue perforated leather which had stars individually embroidered against the iconic red and white “Rocky” stripes, we wanted to pay tribute to the famous shorts and give them the Adonis edge, a deeper and darker red and to represent his strength of character in the film.

Img 9927 Img 0895 Img 9920 Img 0731 Img 9628

It was challenging to create so many multiples; all of which had to be identical in stitch, stripe and star placement. Movie making, specifically boxing movie making naturally you will expect blood (fake, of course!) to be flying and the shorts needed to be made to represent various stages of the fight for re-takes. We pride ourselves in consistency and working with luxury materials always helps when creating a product of this level. Usually boxing shorts are seen at distance, so when it is seen on the big screen it is so important that every tiny detail is perfected.


Designing the shorts for Adonis’ arch nemesis; Viktor Drago, the direction was to reflect the Russian nationality predominantly, and obviously as the characters are from two different walks of life, the shorts needed to look not only like they are designed differently, but also as though they are produced differently. We focused on silk satins, embroidery and a rich, traditional approach. The design of the shorts symbolises a stylised ‘sash’ in

the colours of the flag, and a gold embroidered applique to the waistband.
The Russian heritage particularly shone through in the fight robe for Drago featuring the Russian eagle crest embroidered to the front chest.

Img 9912 Img 9911 Img 9909

Research into the original Rocky IV movie played a huge part in the design inspiration, we used “DRAGO” in repeat inverted text around the hood of the robe in a gold foil and sourced a Russian font which was strong to depict “DRAGO” on the back shoulders and shorts waistband. The robe had a really luxurious drape quality and created the look perfectly to frame Florian’s stature playing the part of Viktor Drago. The rich blood red colour gave a regal feel in the silk satin fabric.

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Florian Munteanu Drago Creed 2