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Undefeated US Olympian
Professional fights

DAY ONE: Working with Shakur since winning his Olympic silver medal; making his professional debut in style in Fight Label

Shakur really embraces our design creativity and completely leaves his styling in our hands. Shakur is somewhat the Fight Label muse.

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Playing with colour and materials, we have developed Shakur's image and kept his youthfulness as a fighter, whilst stylistically the bold designs compliment his fiery style in the ring as he continues to chase greatness.

There is no limit to our use of fabric; Shakur has worn everything from velvet, crocodile, snakeskin, foil, fur and full gold head to toe.

Shakur has a signature headband for each fight to represent 'Newark' where he hails from. We like to add personal touches to the outfits; sometimes they are lined in a crazy material or have custom inscriptions on the inside.

All these details are what makes Fight Label so unique in our approach to ring wear and tailor made outfits.

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