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Anthony Joshua

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Anthony Joshua and how we have been designing his fight outfits since 2015

Before the belts and titles started rolling in. We have a great working relationship and have developed the AJ look which is now recognised the world over.

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AJ and Sophie sit down, usually after a training session in Sheffield, and start to visualise colours, shapes and leathers to piece the look together.

Sourcing unique materials is so important and many of AJ’s outfits are made from one-of-a-kind leathers that Sophie has sourced on her travels to suppliers around the world. The pieces designed for AJ are totally couture and every attention to the finest detail is considered in the process.

It’s a collaborative work in progress with AJ until we sketch the final idea and then the digital illustrations are prepared, we then start working
with the management team and sponsors to finalise those details.

We have an excellent relationship working closely with the sponsors too. Every step of the design process is shared and by working as a team we ensure a smooth build up to fight week as we also brand kit for the entire team. This is a huge workload for which we prepare hundred’s of customised garments for every single fight. We ensure that all branding is correctly sized, coloured and positioned.

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After making AJ’s outfits for so many years, we have his pattern blocks stored ready for the next outing. Each time we take the scissors to the leather, we are cutting and crafting a piece of his legacy in the ring. Our work is watched by millions and we know that one day the work we produce will be in a museum for the world to see up close and personal.

The shorts are Sophie’s craftsmanship; “I make Anthony’s shorts. It’s a responsibility and pressure that as the designer & director of Fight Label that I take seriously. After all, this is THE only garment AJ is wearing for those 12 rounds on fight night. They have to be perfect and I trust myself as AJ trusts me. I can make our design reality and ensure he looks phenomenal and feels comfortable in the ring. AJ wants to feel like he’s stepping into battle, not just stepping into the gym, its more than just another 12 rounds in the gym, its showtime and about switching on that fighter instinct”.