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Meet the mastermind behind fight label, Sophie Whittam.

Fast forward 6 years and we’re here, 2020, at the top of our game working with the most incredible athletes. How did we get here? Hard work, quality over everything and an insatiable talent for design and fashion. Sophie’s originality and vision for these unique pieces comes alive, totally client-focused and the ability to bring out a fighter’s character within the design has attracted the stars of the game. Revolutionising boxing apparel, creating an athletic aesthetic and attention to detail, fit and fabric being priority.

Sophie’s design skills are a culmination of her experience in the fashion and sporting industries; an inherent understanding of fabrics and what is out there. No limits on how far afield she has to research to create her vision, the fighter is foremost and creating their image upmost. No corners cut, her skills have come from years of working on high-end brands and travelling extensively. A worldly knowledge of materials, styles and possibilities. Sophie knows what works, and what doesn’t. Creating a concept is one thing, but being able to make this idea into a garment worn by the world’s finest athletes watched and adored by billions worldwide, is another. It’s Sophie’s mission, and she’s just getting started.

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